A pop-up conference helping video industry professionals become better business people.

Video Chat is a pop-up conference helping video-industry professionals become better business people.

Date TBD
Portland, Oregon


We are videographers, filmmakers, directors, and producers. A lot of us run our own businesses, but most of us aren’t business people. Let’s work together to get better at running the show.

We’re convening a group of the smartest industry people to share resources, knowledge, and know-how. We’re building a community, and you’re invited.


What will I learn?

Our sessions will cover the nitty-gritty of running a creative video business. Session topics will cover business development, leadership and team dynamics, marketing, industry culture, and pricing—among many other things!

How does it work?

Video Chat is not your typical conference. We’ll have experts in the house, but everyone in attendance is a VIP. The power of this gathering lies in sharing our collective know-how, and the format of sessions will reflect this collaborative approach. This will be an inspiring learning experience like any conference, but a little more social and a lot more fun.

Who should attend?

We’re excited to bring together professionals working in the creative video industry. Come on out if you’re a director, filmmaker, videographer, editor, or another kind of pro in the industry. Freelancers and folks at small to mid-size production companies—Video Chat is for you.


Video Chat will stay small to maintain a conversational and community vibe.

Questions? Thoughts?
We’d love to hear from you.